Low Cost Patents

What Inventors Should Know About Cheap or Low Cost Patents

Please read the following important information before using low cost –  discount – high volume online patent services.

USPTO patent applications, whether provisional or non-provisional must be drafted carefully and must contain a full disclosure of how to make and use your invention. A non-provisional patent application must also contain a carefully drafted claim set that contains the legal scope of the inventor’s patent.

It is a time consuming process for an experienced patent practitioner to draft a proper patent application set that will properly protect an inventor’s idea.

Certain high volume online patent services are aggressively marketing cheap quality, low cost patent services to unsuspecting inventors. Often these low cost services are preparing high volume, “assembly line” patent applications by paying subcontractors very low fees to draft the patent applications. These subcontractors must usually sacrifice quality and work very quickly due to the very low fees they are paid.

Provisional patent applications are not examined in the USPTO, but nevertheless a provisional application must provide a complete, detailed disclosure of your invention. Some high volume, discount patent firms may advertise very low cost provisional patent applications that are essentially an inadequate, informal invention disclosure filed in the USPTO. An inventor can lose his patenting rights later on by filing an inadequate, low cost provisional application. 

Accupatents makes serious efforts to keep fees as reasonable as possible without sacrificing quality. We’re not a high volume, low quality patent application factory. We perform all the work within our own firm, including patent searches. We do not outsource our patent applications to low-paid subcontractors like some “discount” patent services do.

Also, we do not send your patent searches to a foreign patent search firm where your invention idea may be copied in a foreign country.

An inventor should avoid the temptation of filing a low cost, poorly prepared patent applications and Office Action responses. Otherwise the inventor may risk losing the full legal benefits of a thoroughly prosecuted patent application.