Patent Agent v. Patent Attorney

Patent Agent v. Attorney

What is the Difference Between a Software Patent Agent and a Software Patent Lawyer ( or Software Patent Attorney )?


Within the US Patent Office, a registered patent agent can provide the same services as a patent attorney, but usually at more affordable cost than a patent attorney or patent lawyer.

As a registered patent agent and Electrical Engineer with an extensive Information Technology background, Iā€™m well qualified to assist you to obtain a patent on your software invention. Many patent services can be provided at very reasonable flat fees. Please call me or email me at your convenience for a no-charge consultation.

Obtain a No Charge, No Obligation Telephone Consultation with a Registered Patent Agent

During your free telephone consultation we will review with you issues affecting patentability of inventions, the USPTO patenting process, and some possible options you may want to consider for patenting your invention. Our telephone consultations do not involve a “sales pitch”.

We cannot tell you if you will receive a patent on your invention. Patentability of your invention can only be determined by the USPTO after you have filed a non-provisional patent application. Also, we cannot quote you any fixed fees to prepare your patent application until we have first examined your full invention disclosure. Fixed Fees are not available for all inventions.

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